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Arbor Terrace Club

President: Alex Willette
Vice President: Duke Duquette



Well the boys came through again. The second year in a row! The rest of us are thinking about voting them out of the club. No just kidding, but you got to admit they are real good carvers. You would never think that they were farmers all there life. Maybe when they were supposed to be plowing in the back 40 they were under a tree carving. You got to hand it to them they are REALY good carvers. Another job well done by the boys at ARBOR TERRACE CARVING CLUB

The Arbor Terrace Carving Club is located in Bradenton, Florida. General meetings and get togethers are at a peak in the winter season as some of the gents are "Snow Birds". Here the guys are proudly displaying their awards for their skillful carving.

Duke_Horse_7.jpg (9669 bytes)

Duke_Horse_8.jpg (5990 bytes)

Two good friends, Duke and Will, both wood carvers who carved once a week from May to November. For several years they carved together but not always caving the same subject

One afternoon, Duke decides to do something really big. Will says “You’re crazy!” Duke the silly one has come up with the idea of carving a full size Carousel Horse.

Will then decides to rescue his friend and the plan to carve the horse. Good thing Will came to the aid of his buddy cause Scrappy would still be in the carving stage.

Gerald Duquette, alias “Duke” and Willard Bullis alias “Will” cut, glued, laminated and carved the seven parts that make up the Carousel Horse. The parts of the horse consist of the head, neck, body and four legs. It took carving once a week for three summers to complete.

Duke and Will tried to use all the scrap wood that Duke had in his workshop. They cleaned out a huge pile of wood and most of the scraps he had. Being that most of the wood was not specifically bought for the project, these two gents named the horse “Scrappy”.

Scrappy is looking for a good home – price is $6,000 plus shipping. He is stabled in New England at the moment. 

Please email Alex the Shoeman if interested in purchase.

Club Happenings

These are Pictures of the class that we had at the club. This man is a expert at this kind of carving. Something different in carving. His name is Glenn Erickson. He hales from Michigan and winters in Florida. He goes around to clubs and shows them his stuff and teaches them how to do this kind of carving. It is called Scandinavian Cedar Fan Carving.

He starts out with a frozen peace of green cedar wood, very green, and when he is done it is a very pretty bird. It is hard to tell you just how to do it but it is fascinating how he does it. The wood has to be green so it can be easily worked, if it is not green wood it will break and impossible to work with. This writer has been to 2 of his classes and it is still great to see him turn a little peace of wood into pretty little birds. All in all it was a very good class, and by the way most all of his birds on his little tree were sold to the park people that came to see him do his work.

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